Who We Are

Kyle Birchard, Founder and Principal Analyst

Kyle Birchard founded Integrative Economics, LLC in 2013. With more than 16 years of experience in the field of environmental and natural resource economics, he works in a variety of areas, including agriculture, urban ecology, resource conservation, and resilience planning.

Over dozens of engagements since 2000, he has provided strategic planning support to businesses, public agencies, and NGOs, assisted with program development and outreach efforts, and conducted qualitative and quantitative research on environmental, agricultural, and consumer issues.

Recent projects include benefit-cost studies of flood risk management and ecosystem restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area, environmental cleanup and drinking water system protection in the State of Washington, and the impacts of drought on agricultural water supply in the arid western United States.

In addition to practical policymaking support, Mr. Birchard has extensive experience with econometric analysis, geographic information systems, and data analytics.

Kyle has played leading and supporting roles in stakeholder facilitation meetings, has presented research findings to varied audiences, including professional organizations and citizen groups, and has developed and delivered training and educational curricula related to technical communication and economic research methods.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Economics and Policy from the University of California, Berkeley, with a minor in City and Regional Planning.

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