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Multi-Benefit Environmental Restoration

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23 Jun

Economic Analysis of Flood Control 2.0 Strategies
San Francisco Estuary Partnership
December 2014 –¬†December¬†2016

This project created a set of planning-level tools to evaluate the economic impacts of a new generation of flood risk management alternatives in the San Francisco Bay Area.
This project evaluated proposed flood control/tidal marsh restoration in two highly urbanized watersheds in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Key components of the project included a valuation of multiple benefits of habitat restoration, including flood risk management, nutrient load reduction, recreational uses, and the expansion of habitat for protected species.

Findings from each phase of the project were used to develop recommendations and best practices for economic planning studies in other regional watersheds, and included the development of a guidebook and benefit-cost analysis model for use in future studies.

For more information, see the Flood Control 2.0 Toolbox