Our Clients

Below are a few examples of the types of clients with whom we work:

Resource managers

We are qualified to undertake valuation and economic impact studies of natural capital and the ecosystem services provided by private and public lands, including the following:

  • Parks, open space, and trails
  • Riparian areas and wetlands
  • Cropland
  • Green infrastructure

We welcome inquiries from entrepreneurial and innovative public agencies in Oregon, Washington, and California interested in developing a clearer picture about the role of socially-inclusive economic valuations of natural capital, well-functioning ecosystems, and green amenities in their policy making processes.

Environmental consulting and planning firms

We can provide additional expertise in social and economic systems to firms working on environmental and regional planning projects. Our familiarity with environmental science, land use law and policy provides us with the ability to seamlessly mesh with the deep natural and physical science capabilities of your firm as part of an interdisciplinary project team.

Environmental advocates and conservation groups

We believe that one of the most important roles ecological economics has played in recent years is bringing attention to some fundamental observations about the relations between social and environmental systems. We are not interested in putting a price tag on Nature, but we are also aware that the language often used in public policy making requires some elicitation of tradeoffs, and that those are sometimes defined in monetary terms. We wield the tools we have, while working to forge new ones to do a better job for the future.